EZ-Fill® - Obturation with control.
Fill laterally not beyond the apex!

EZ-Fill's patented Bi-Directional Spiral and Epoxy root canal cement combined with a single point technique has been shown to create a seal equivalent to lateral condensation and thermoplastic gutta percha.

Thoroughly coats the walls of the root canal and lateral canals without significant cement being forced apically.
The reverse spirals on the apical end rotate in an unwinding direction out of the canal, and thus help prevent binding.

New EZ-Fill

EZ-Fill Spiral


Original Powder / Gel EZ-Fill or Auto Mix EZ-Fill XPRESS Obturation

Townie Award

Original powder / gel EZ-Fill and New Auto Mix EZ-Fill XPRESS provides thorough obturation.

EZ-Fill Xpress

I have used the EZ-Fill System to obturate the canal after preparation & Works great! EZ-Fill is an outstanding system both for prep and obturation.
- Marshall White




Patented Spiral Filling Lateral Canals without Overfill