Flexi-Overdenture: Dentures in a SNAP!

Based upon a patented split-shank post, the ball and socket attachment delivers all the benefits of the Flexi-Post for highest retention of full and partial dentures. The attachment can be placed without lab assistance providing a simple, inexpensive overdenture at chairside.

  • Gives the practitioner the ability to perfect one technique for a variety of clinical situations

  • The system may be used with the patented EZ-Change® keeper and cap insert system allowing, for "quick and easy" nylon cap replacement.

Kits are available for use in direct (non-coping) and indirect (coping) techniques.


Flexi-Overdenture Accessories: EZ-Change



This patented keeper and cap insert system allows for "quick & easy" nylon cap replacement. When worn, the cap insert may be easily removed from the permanent metal keeper, requiring only seconds for replacement.

Provides 3 to 5 pounds of retention.

Easily replaced at low cost with in-office procedure.

When worn, this cap may be easily removed, requiring only seconds for replacement and considerably shortening chair time. Click Here for Complete EZ-Change Information.