Endo-Express and SafeSiders -
Make Rotary Irrelevant!

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The Endo-Express® Reciprocating Handpiece and the SafeSiders® reamers- Unlike rotary users, Endo-Express reciprocating users don’t fear instrument separation or dentin micro-fractures!
As the leader in reciprocation, these instruments are designed with a patented flat to:
- Create more efficient cutting
- Reduces engagement for faster advancement - Reduces instrument stress improving durability
- Increases instrument flexibility without sacrificing strength.

Finally - replace instruments because they dull and not because you fear they will break!



Additional Endo Equipment

Introducing a new beginning in root canal therapy - SafeSiders® Glide Path
SafeSiders Glidepath • Compatible with ANY instrumentation system.
• Can be used by hand or in the Endo-Express® reciprocating handpiece to easily establish the glide path before instrumentation.
• Establish a glide path effortlessly without the fear of instrument separation.
• Save time and money.

SafeSiders Deluxe Gutta Percha Point
in size medium was made specifically to compliment our Endo-Express/SafeSiders Instrumentation system and work complementary with other endodontic systems. Learn more about SafeSider Deluxe Gutta Percha Points and how to size a point.

Track and sterilize your instruments with the SafeSiders Steri-Tracker.

The SafeSiders Endo Stops increase the dentist’s ability to predictably maintain proper working length while instrumenting.

SafeSider Mini-Head Latch Type Contra-Angle.